Osnabrück University reports its 2019 APC expenditures

Osnabrück University has updated its APC expenditures, the latest contribution provides data for the 2019 period.

Osnabrück University Library is in charge of the University’s Open Access Publishing Fund, which is supported under the DFG’s Open Access Publishing Programme.

Contact Person is Sabine Boccalini.

Cost data

The new data set covers publication fees for 36 articles. Total expenditure amounts to 57 890€ and the average fee is 1 608€.

The following table shows the payments Osnabrück University Library has made to publishers in 2019.

  Articles Fees paid in EURO Mean Fee paid
Frontiers Media SA 14 27558 1968
MDPI AG 9 9563 1063
Public Library of Science (PLoS) 3 5125 1708
Springer Nature 3 5377 1792
PeerJ 2 2907 1454
Bern Open Publishing 1 547 547
Elsevier BV 1 1690 1690
Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1 2008 2008
Informa UK Limited 1 1433 1433
Optical Society of America (OSA) 1 1682 1682


With the recent contribution included, the overall APC data for Osnabrück University now looks as follows:

Fees paid per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk tree_osnabrueck_2020_03_31_full

Average costs per year (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_osnabrueck_2020_03_31_year_full

Average costs per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_osnabrueck_2020_03_31_publisher_full