TU Berlin reports 2022 BPC expenditures

The Technische Universität Berlin has provided BPC expenditures for 2022 period and some remaining monographs für 2020 and 2021.

The TU Berlin University Library is in charge of the University’s Open Access Publishing Fund, which also supports publishing of OA monographs.

Contact person is Elena Di Rosa.

Cost data

The new data set covers publication fees for 11 books. Total expenditure amounts to 72 264€ and the average fee is 6 569€.

The following table provides an overview of the reported BPC payments.

  Books Fees paid in EURO Mean Fee paid
transcript Verlag 4 26027 6507
De Gruyter 2 10500 5250
BerlinUP 1 12758 12758
Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante 1 7500 7500
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden 1 5355 5355
Springer International Publishing 1 7229 7229
Universitätsverlag der Technischen Universität Berlin 1 2895 2895


With the recent contribution included, the overall BPC data for the TU Berlin now looks as follows:

Fees paid per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk tree_tuberlin_2023_02_02_bpc_full

Average costs per year (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_tuberlin_2023_02_02_bpc_year_full

Average costs per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_tuberlin_2023_02_02_bpc_publisher_full